What do you name your main JS file?

What do you name your main Javascript file for your website?

  • script.js (replit default)
  • app.js
  • main.js
  • js.js
  • build.js
  • other
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depends, what is the actual code in it gonna do? I’ll name it that

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Actually, for my website ulbcwebsite.github.io, I use navbar.js. It was originally a navigation bar script, but now acts like a global.js thing, because I don’t want to initialize Firebase twice. (I have to update the “login” button to say “Sign out” using Firebase.)

@BluebayStudios Add index.js!!! (For dose OGs who used to name it that just so they could run node . and it would work


It doesn’t let me, even though it was well over 5 mins ago.

Yeah, that’s why you can’t…?

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Misread it lol. thought it was after 5 minutes like a cooldown

Same lol :smile: thats why I posted it

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