What do you do when you get an error you just cant seem to fix?

What do you do when you get an error you just can’t fix yourself?

  • Ask for help
  • Ask AI for help
  • Take a break and do it later
  • Give up. Nobody is going to see this REPL
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Interesting rounding bias…

Put your answers in again. I had to change the poll.

well i just bash my head and keep trying tbh its a rare quality that i have.

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My steps to solve/fix a programming problem:

  1. Ask AI
  2. Check Google
  3. Go on Replit Ask
  4. Chuck my computer out the window

id put that after stackoverflow because ai doesn’t help at all it gives me gibberish.

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Usually I’m like:
“You have an error? Then don’t ask for help and completely abandon the project!”
But sometimes I’m like:
“You have an error? Check for spelling mistakes, ask other members in the team for help, ask AI for help and waste 50% of your AI for the week, then find a spelling error and fix it, then find another error and abandon the REPL.”


Use something like ChatGPT, afaik its unlimitedly free

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How I handle it:

  1. Tell Ghostwriter to help me right this instant
  2. Hit my keyboard
  3. Ask Ask for Help (ewwww that sounded weird)
  4. Shut down my computer

How is searching the internet not on your poll? I follow this order:

  1. Tinker around
  2. Google it
  3. Ask 9pfs (user on Replit/Ask/AMC)
  4. Make a help topic about it
  5. Give up
  6. After some time, repeat this cycle and maybe succeed

No use Phind :upside_down_face:

Most of the time I look on Stack Overflow, all the answers are outdated or unclear imo

Very, very Accurate

skill issueWell… what issues are you stuck on? Some might not apply to SO, others fitting to AI, or forum, etc

If I really can’t seem to get it, I revert it to at least “operational” order and step away… Many times to never return. Sometimes, though, I come back and mess with it further and get it. Those instances are quite thrilling lol


:thinking: Lol, the problem is in the word “revert”; I was using emacs via X11 one time (ikr sometimes laggy bc of sleeping computers) and then accidentally did some keyboard shortcut to delete 70% of my code. I saved it, closed emacs, then came back to a big gap in my code.

After a year or so, I came back and redid it (like 200 lines or smth) and its now at replit.com/@python660/minesweeperpy

I should have added “Take a break and do it never” because that’s me. I usually take a break and say I’ll do it later, but then I do it never.


me with every project in a nutshell
|_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ⁣⁣_⁣|
…|____ . . . . . . . . .Nutshell . . . . .⁣_⁣_⁣⁣_⁣⁣_⁣⁣_⁣⁣​​|
. … … …|__________________|

That is so relatable.