Webview is not working, it's showing on console port:8000 opened, but not exposed to the web

Problem description

After writing php code run this code but it’s not showing on webview and console display port:8000 opened, but not exposed to the web.

Expected behavior

After writing php code and click the run button it’s display the output in webview.

Actual behavior

In the webview the output is not display and it’s showing loading your page continuesly.

Steps to reproduce

Writing a php code click on run button and click on webview tab




Windows 11

Device if mobile




Hi @AfrozAlam2 , welcome to the forums!
Can you try opening the website in a New Tab and see if that works?

I tried a lot to open a new tab, reload, restart the browser, and restart the system but still does not work


Could you send the link to your repl?

Also, try renaming your file back to index.php and try again.


Try adding the line externalPort = 80 below the

localPort = 8000

lines in the .replit file.

Or, try forking this repl that works.

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