Website Err Connection Closed Error

Problem description:

Well this problem started on may 1-3 and still continue till now, some of my repls website gets dwon says err connection closed, and because of this i can host my repl it gets down after 30-60 mins if i close app, i asked helped on may 3 they said there is problem with ssl certificates for some repls, and today i saw status is resolved, but mine problem still continues

Bug appears at this link:
here one of repl that website gets down everytime i start

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I believe that most Replit machines are okay and should work as normal now.

If your website still shows the SSL certificate issue, best thing now is contacting support at or create a ticket about your Repl at

We’ve been experiencing some issues with SSL and hosting lately. For more information, please check the status page

i dont see any ssl issue on status page, its been 15+ days i have this issue, i send mail to support but only got message that said they checking my repls, i changed name, i use kill 1 but nothing worked and i always got err connection closed error when starting website repl

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I like to just wait it out. Also, status page isn’t always applicable because some things are repl-specific.

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