We now have new rules

We now have new rules listed in the pinned topic. Please read through them and provide feedback and ask questions

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A post was split to a new topic: Cant fork repls. Saying they are in violation of TOS

What is “Reply as a New Topic”? It is listed here as if it were a feature. I don’t have that feature.


Go to reply then on the top left of the editor click this icon

Then change it to Reply Ask Linked Topic


Oh wow; I had no idea you could click on that. Thanks!


We revamped the Off Topic flag. It is not It's Off-Topic/Too Chatty. If something is too chatty or off topic please flag it as that. Any chatting should be done with in messages or another platform like discord. If you have any questions feel free to Ask


Could we make a category for off topic stuff lol?

No we cant. We have disscused this internally but Replit Staff said that off topic stuff should happen in messages, the discord or not on Replit. Feel free to share why you think we should have one in #general and tag it with #forum-feedback

I am very thankful that you guys are doing the right actions with the forum
Seeing other forums for games get very out of hand but you guys taking the right actions makes me very thankful for the replit team

keep up the good work guys


I just unlocked messages and had no clue it was an option :point_right::point_left:

But yah thats probably for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to do a group chat? (Again, very new to this lmao)

i would agree even the forums from other websites 5 posts and then a ban


iirc you need to be TL2 to do this. To do it start drafting a message and add multiple people to the recipients.


ok good im older than 13

im 14 years old tbh i feel younger and older at the same time lol

You mean it is now Off-Topic/Too Chatty. You should probably fix that

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hello, im new here, could someone give me a recap of what this app is and how it is used, and what is it used for?

A recap of Replit or Replit Ask (these forums)?

replit and replit are the same thing… im confused now lol srry

Replit is a website providing an online coding environment, coding collaboration, free web hosting, and the like. Replit Ask is the Replit forum powered by Discourse. The latter is the one you are currently using.


oh, okay, thank you so much-- uh person :grinning: