An opinion from a Replit Fan.

A collective article on how Replit is empowering people like me.


Please read the article before criticising,


Honestly, I full-heartedly agree. While it may be fun to create other coding IDEs, I really will never move away from Replit.


Much of this information is either inaccurate or outdated and therefore is invalid.


What is invalid?

Please do tell so this can be changed and then made valid.

“Much” is a very vague and broad choice of words, are you sure most of this is invalid and or outdated?

I can assure you the document has some outdated info, but with clarification that changes have been made.

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Also please understand my opinion is not invalid.

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While it is fair to side with Replit, you’re using the wrong arguments. These are easily able to be rebuttal-itized.

This is not to be taken as a piece of argumentative work,

It’s meant to explain why the latest drama with Freemium users does not affect the coding space,

And how people who defend Replit often receive backlash.

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I don’t find it “wrong” however please note the laws of logical rhetoric which states that all terms, premises, arguments, and conclusions must be valid in order for it to flow logically. Therefore, I believe he’s merely noting he disagrees with some premises and therefore finds the flow to be disrupted. However, I am quite neutral on this subject because while I don’t agree with the monetization scheme of replit I do think it… runs code and allows you to post it :slight_smile: