Want to make puzzles with me?

Inspired by @prisems challenge, I have decided to try and create my own. To make this more organized, I’ve already created a team called @replitpuzzles to contain repls related to this, while external sites are also welcomed.

How the development process works

Once someone gets an idea for a puzzle, they will create a series of repls which will link together in the form of clues leading to passwords or url-encoded access keys which can unlock the next repl, and it goes on until the final repl which congratulates them.

How the production process works

Once a puzzle is finished, someone will advertise it on Replit Ask, and then potentially offer a prize (not guaranteed or predetermined by the whole team tho). After a user gets through the challenge, the congratulatory repl will log the user’s success as long as something (such as the password or url-encoded access key) is present which can prove that the user followed the steps. After that, the user contacts the person who advertised on Replit Ask to acknowledge their completion of the puzzle.

Other info

If you people are feeling extra programmer vibes, then we might create tools (such as online image editors which can manipulate contrast and etc) to support all platforms.

Do ye want to make puzzles?
  • Yes!
  • Well… why does this option exist lol (yes)
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I’d consider being a part of this but I’d need to know a bit more about the specifics, such as the language and the formats of puzzles.


language is english unless specified (e.g. a spanish puzzle, a chinese puzzle), but computer language would be HTML CSS JS, either Python or Node.js as server (your choice!). the format would be an “easter egg hunt” or something, kinda like @prisems puzzle.

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prisems puzzle:

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You’ll probably have to rename that team.

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why? what should I rename it to?

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I don’t know.


well… lets just hope it works lol. if not, maybe move repls to new domain and set up redirects.

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