W Home Page Update

W Replit update. You guys know how on your home page it shows your recently opened Repls? Well now it shows Repls owned by teams and other people. So useful. Idk when it was released, I think today. Also, I’m an explorer, so it may not be rolled out to everyone yet.



It now shows FOUR REPLS and they separated Multiplayer from your Repls!

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Wait, my alpine-discourse repl is in your top list?

I have a lot of silly projects on my list.

It’s the 3rd most recent Repl I’ve opened that I don’t own.

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me with GQL that can get all repls in the order of latest edit ;-;

well that’s too bad you don’t get to enjoy the only good Replit updates

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I thought that was private?

Yeah, it is, but they have access to it for a reason (check the PM archives)