View and delete storage I don't need

So, recently I discovered I am using 134/1024 MB in storage. I have several questions about this.

  • What will happen if I run out of storage? Will I need to buy more storage with cycles or will my Repls purely cease to function? Will I need to transfer my Repls to a different account.
  • Is it regular to be using this much storage? If not, why am I using so much storage?
  • Is this storage for just the Repl I am viewing, or my entire account.

Also, I recently copied an entire Nix directory (from /nix/store/) using the bash cp command. I have a feeling that took 88 MB of storage. But I deleted the Repl. And now I am using 134 MB of storage? Why?

Also, (this paragraph should be in feature requests), I should have the ability to view which Repls are using how much storage so I can delete them to clear my storage.

Storage is currently per-repl, so don’t start worrying yet.

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Okay, why does ONE FLASK REPL take up 1/10th of my storage?

As far as I know, storage is still per-repl, so that repl’s only using its own storage. I don’t think Replit’s enforcing account-wide storage limits yet, so it should be fine.

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Unless you’re in the storage beta, there shouldn’t be any account-level storage quotas right now.