Using Replit for an Amazon app

Hello Replit Ask Community,

I am using replit to create an amazon app that does not cost anything nor has in-app purchases. Does this violate copyright law or replit’s TOS?

Hey @SpeakingOrc785 welcome to the forums.

Can you please give us more detail on what this is/what it would do

Hey Ethan!

I am creating an amazon app (on using replit. This app (in a nutshell) uses a virtual machine to browse the internet safely. My app will be 100% free and it will not have ads or in-app purchases. I was asking if putting an app created with replit on would break Replit’s TOS or copyright law.

(And yes, I’m new to the forums)

I think these are the only terms in the TOS that would apply to this.

Illegally transmit another’s intellectual property or other proprietary information without such owner’s or licensor’s permission;

  • User Content that infringes a third party’s rights (e.g., copyright) according to applicable law;

Though since you are doing it through an official amazon service ( you should be fine. Thought before you do this just let @IanAtReplit confirm that this is allowed.


Hi @SpeakingOrc785 thanks for your question.

The short answer is it should be fine however I don’t know exactly what your app is going to do and this is where you need to check the TOS carefully.

For example if it allows access to websites which are blocked (in a similar way to a VPN) by your local school/college/company firewalls then it can cause issues e.g. unintentionally allowing access to unsuitable websites for minors. To me it sounds like you are wanting to create the opposite by having the app use “a virtual machine to browse the internet safely”. If this is the case I don’t think you’d be breaking the TOS at all.

Would love to see the app when you have created it!

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Ok! My app’s purpose is not to bypass website and internet restrictions.

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