Using Replit - Explaining code feature

I am trying to get the best out of the trial to understand if Replit is for me but I do not seems to be able to use the explain code feature. It is simply not available when right clicking on the code. What should I do? Thanks.

They removed this with the new hacker plan revamp instead there is ghostwriter. Also, welcome to the community @sonicx180

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Thank you for your help @bigminiboss! I tried Ghostwriter and I must be doing something wrong or failing to do it properly because I am stuck.

it’s ok, you’re welcome :smiley:

So, even though I am still on the trial, I do not seem to be able to make it work.

yeah, I apologize, I’m not a replit admin so you’ll to contact them

It’s ok. You tried. It is disappointing that when questions arise while testing a new product, the only option I find is to lean on the community. There is no direct email to ask for help that I see.

The Replit team actively monitor Ask (Ask has become the official forum to report bugs and ask questions about Replit), you have to be patient as their are lots of people asking lots of questions and they are answering as many of them as possible. Hopefully a member of the Replit Team will see your question soon and can help you out.

If you could possibly record a video (Replit seems to love Loom) of you attempting to use the feature that might help determine the issue.

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