Using replit ask on iOS web may get a black screen webpage after internet connection lost&reconnect

Problem description & steps to reproduce:
When you are using replit ask on chrome/safari on iOS device (probably, cause iOS is somewhat equal to iPadOS on web surfing) (never tested other browsers tho), and visit the page while offline, you will get the offline page of from your browser (obviously). But when you regain connection and reload the page, you will result in getting a blank page instead of replit ask page.
Afterward, reloading doesn’t work, re-opening browser doesn’t work, only opening the website in a brand new tab can resolve it.

Expected behavior:
Visit normally

Actual behavior:
Received a blank page, not sure if it is completely blank as iOS doesn’t have inspect function

Browser: chrome/safari, up-to-date
Device: iPad

Stuff to do with Ask should be in General with the tag forum-feedback

This should be reported on meta since from your description its not something not specif to Replit ask.