Using databases with HTML, CSS and JS

Hey Replit community,

I’m currently doing a project on web development, and for that purpose I need to store users’ information somewhere so it istn’t lost after the web session is ended. I did some research but couldn’t find any suitable database. Then I ran into Replit docs about the opportunity to import SQLite database or use Replit’s own integrated one right in repl, but this works only with SQL and Python. I need one to use with HTML/CSS/JS.

Is there any way to import a db into a local Python file and somehow transform data from JS or PHP (depending on method of getting users’ info) into the file? And if not, could you suggest any other way (preferably free and secure) to store this data?


You’ll need a backend if you want to use a database.

Alternatively, you can use local storage, but be aware only that user will be able to see their data, and they’re also able edit it in devtools.

  1. I tried local storage but it’s really not my cup of tea if talking about the project.
  2. OFC the backend is needed so I wonder if there are any repls AKA databases to fork and integrate into the project?

There’s a built in database for Replit:

Yes, you can’t use it because an HTML, CSS, JS Repl is frontend, not backend. You’d need something like Node.js or Python Flask or PHP or something as a backend.


There does seem to be a replit node.js client for the database

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Another option might be to use, which has a good freemium offer and beautifully customised API documentation

I recommend Google Firebase (though this topic is pretty old)

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