Users couldn't see C++

Users couldn’t see C++
When I did projects for Python and Java, it worked.

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In a one-dimensional array find the sum of all elements of the array.
#### Input:
1 2 3 4 5
#### Output:

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The file should not be called It should be called and moved into the .lesson folder. Do note that these changes will not save to your students’ forks.


I believe changes made to anything within the .lesson folder updates automatically.

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Oh yeah, I was confused though because would still exist on the students’ Repls, right?

Hello! Thanks for your response. File is called “” and it is in folder .lesson. I just showed the path way with symbol “-” (Day-Hour-Minute). When students open Project, it is not automatically show up instruction.

Hmm, that’s what it looks like as a teacher, can you send a screenshot of what it looks like as a student?