Use of deployments?

So, Replit has often felt like they are pushing deployments a lot. And with the removal of the Hacker and pro plans, I got curious.
How many people got a plan for deployments vs the increased CPU and RAM?
So, heres a poll to find that out.

  • I use deployments frequently, so I got core. (Or if you got any plan for deployments.)
  • I got core for the CPU/RAM boost.
  • I got core for a different reason.
  • I haven’t got core, and dont use deployments.
  • I haven’t got core, but use free deployments.
  • I got core because of the free upgrade from Hacker, but dont use the deployments.
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What’s the option if you have core from mod? And the hacker I bought last year would be expiri my around now


Uhh, probably just put other reason.

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wait, but does free deployments exist? :thinking:

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@MarroneLFOfficial not yet, but they should soon (it will just be static deployments that are free), I am assuming the same time new deployment requirements come around so January 1st 2024.

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Core isn’t that bad considering the pricing of other dev-ware.

@Spcfork Yea, but is kinda hard buying core membership if you live in a country whose currency is more devalued than the dollar. In my country, I would need to spend around R$600 per year. :<

strongly considering core, however. I am not right now, but from the looks of things, the CPU/RAM, as well as just more space would be the reasons since some of what I have planned will be pretty big physically and more CPU/RAM intensive.