Uploading files programmatically in a node.js replit?

If my students are running a node.js replit (with Express on top), will they be able to upload files to the replit? And is there some limit to the size? [I don’t anticipate large files, probably just some images, but I thought I’d ask.] This would be for an assignment that I’m contemplating …

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To the file explorer on the left? I don’t see why they wont be able to.

Evening! In Teams for Edu the max storage is 100GB per organisation. Hope this helps!

I guess I should’ve clarified, I meant using node.js with Express on top to programmatically upload the files, not just drag them over.

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Thanks @mprogers I think it would be the same overall 100GB limit. I’ve not tried to add too many files myself but Repls seem to cope ok with the odd video file or large image added to them. Hope this helps!

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Everything should be alright as long as you know the correct code to do it.

If it’s only your students then there should be no need for image moderation and stuff, so this should be simple.

Thanks, all! I still can’t believe how great replit is, I keep waiting to find “the catch”. So far, no catch, just an awesome resource.

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Thanks for everything you do to support Replit!

You are welcome! My colleague and I are actually giving a workshop on replit to CS faculty next year (we just got accepted, woo-hoo), we’re looking forward to that.

Fantastic news @mprogers ! Good luck with your workshop planning!