Upload File Button Missing & I can't drag files in

I’m in the middle of the HTML stretch of the 100 days of coding. Problem is, I can’t upload files or images to put in the HTML projects. If I drag a file in, nothing happens at all. And the upload image or upload file button is completely missing. I can see the button on other peoples accounts, and it’s just missing from mine. Is there a setting or mode I have changed by accident? Screenshot of where the button should be is attached.

The “upload file” button is only available on the Files tab, try seeing if you can expand it, it should be on the left of the tutorial.


yes is their another way.

Okay this totally works if I make My own repl file (image below). But this entire pane is missing whenever I open a 100days project. How dumb am I that I can’t find how to add that left hand pane in?

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Oh My god disregard. I’m really, really, really dumb. I found it. Maybe I should stick to finger painting instead of coding.

Just for anyone having this issue in the future, there is a button to open the sidebar:



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