"Upload file" and "Upload folder" buttons are not working, nothing happens

Problem description:
When I enter a particular repl and try to upload a file or a folder, nothing happens when I click on the respective buttons. This only happens in specific repls it seems like. The other repls are not affected.

Expected behavior:
Expected my browser to prompt me with which files/folders to upload.

Actual behavior:
Nothing happens when I click on any of the two buttons.

Steps to reproduce:
Unsure of how to exactly get this behaviour but all I did was create a new repl as used the Python template. Messed around in pyproject.toml file, editing my name, description, and authors.
Then, try clicking on the two buttons as below:

Bug appears at this link:
https://replit.com/@AxeSkull24/Ixora-WhatsApp-Bot (my public repl)

Opera GX browser on Windows 10 on a Legion Y520 laptop.

Try a different browser. If that doesn’t work, restart your laptop. If all else fails, talk to a mod.

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