Updates are not showing in public Repl cover page

I am completely new to Replit, so please excuse me if I’m making a very simple mistake here.

I am a novice programmer, who has recently created a basic website for a school project. As part of the project, I need to provide evidence of version control, which I intend to achieve by creating community posts through the “Share update” button seen on the image attached. This Repl is public, and is present in my Community feed.

Why can’t I see updates that I post to my public Repl?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@johnWasHere

I do not see updates as well. This could have been removed with the removal of comments on repls. Not sure, but that is a possibility.

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How long ago was the removal of comments? If that is the problem, would updates appear anywhere else besides the comments section?

While I’m not sure what happened to updates, you could use git as an actual version history, as publishing updates never really did that anyways.


Thanks for sharing this issue. @NateDhaliwal is correct. I’ll report to the team as we may remove this “Add an update” option altogether since it essentially isn’t going to do anything with comments gone. Or we may come up with a different unique solution so we’ll see!

I like @Firepup650 's recommendation as well; it makes more sense for version control.


Thank you all for your replies. The primary reason I needed to have updates available is so that I could log version changes, which is a requirement of my project. I can instead use a simpler form of this on a word-processed document, and make changes later if needed.

I would look into using git in the future, but not at this moment due to time constraints.

Thank you again!


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