Update class projects without GitHub

Once I’ve assigned a project to a class, is there any way to have changes to the project template filter down to student projects?

To be more specific, let’s say I have a project with the URL: https://replit.com/@nbhs-stem/nothanks and that project is version-controlled with git but not linked to any GitHub repository. The project is assigned to the class and each student automatically gets their own fork. As a class we make some progress, discuss everyone’s ideas, and decide on a direction. I then make additions to the original repl. How can we distribute those changes to each student’s fork?

From their command lines, git seems to have no knowledge of the fork’s origin, and any attempt to pull from my replit URL fails. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

If it is not the code files, just the instructions, then you can use the Lesson Authoring feature. The changes in the instructions.md file are always propagated to students. For me, the code templates are really small, so I just use the code snippet in instructions.md to alert them if the code template changed. It would be nice to extend this feature to even include code templates :slight_smile: (For ex: A reset option, that will change current student changes to the default template and they start over again).

I, unfortunately, have not tried the Git repo, maybe someone else knows the specific use case you mentioned. But the above one is what I use and it works well.

Another related feature is project solutions (how and when to enable solutions to students), check it out here

Thanks for the reply - seems I’ll have to update my workflow until we introduce git later in the year!