Unable to Run Repl, Code Showing Instead

Just today have I encountered this perplexing issue that, on my Repl cover page, it only shows my code with no widget to hide the code and test the Repl. I’m not sure if this problem is only with my device or with everyone else trying to view the Repl.

In the past, to solve this issue, there was a helpful widget that would allow me to hide the code and run the Repl instead, but this feature is now gone, surprisingly. This matter has to be fixed by Feb 29 as I have to use my computer to give a presentation on the game for a STEAM fair, but I’m completely confused by what is happening.

One attempt that I’ve made to remedy this issue is to go in the url and remove #main.py from it, but when I loaded the url it just reverted back to the previous link. Is there any way to solve this issue?

Code link

I’m not sure this will make a difference, but I am using the ChromeOS operating system (a linux based os) for my computer.

Replit removed running Repls from the cover page. You now have to fork it to run it.

Thanks for the response so quickly. However, if I try to fork it it has the same issue, obviously, since I was the owner of the original Repl in the first place. Not sure how this works.

You need to open the Repl in the workspace.

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Sorry, the situation was resolved - I saw another post’s reply that explained what happened.

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What was that other post? What happened?

In case anyone has the same question, please don’t mark a post that doesn’t explain the issue as the solution.


It was a post titled Bring Back Comments on the Feature Requests page. It explained what the issue was - you were totally right though, I just didn’t quite understand what you were saying since @Boston2029 accidentally implied that I could run it from the cover page if I forked it.

OK, can you change the marked solution then?

Not really?

I thought this meant that I could run it from the cover page if I forked it.

Also, do u need to be so fussy?

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Not quite; forking it means duplicating it to your account, which lets you edit it so you’re only able to run it in the editor. If you want a big-screen experience when running it, double-click on the bar above the console/output and it will maximize it.

Thx, I understood earlier.

What do you mean by that?

Sorry, bad wording - I meant fussy

Fussy over what exactly, the solution?

Yep :slight_smile: I’m not going to further reply to the thread because it’s kind of getting off-topic but yes

He meant Qwerty was being stingy (slash fussy):

I don’t really see how that was being fussy tbh, but okay :person_shrugging:


More like sassy I think. Like critiquing each thing he’s saying

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You guys are getting pretty off topic, I suggest you guys talk about this somewhere else if you want to continue this conversation.


We did, and that is why nobody has said anything for 14 hours.