Unable to add .cache file

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
When using Spotipy package, unable to access the .cache file or create .cache file.

Explain what you were trying to do:
Access a file named ‘.cache’

What areas or features are involved?
Replit filesystem.

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.cache is reserved for a cache folder used by the packager and resources view (and by some 3rd-party programs). It’d be poor design for a program to use .cache as a filename in any case.
So why do you need a file named .cache?


I see now. I use a python package named ‘spotipy’ which stores the user’s authentication token in the .cache file. Thanks for your help.

I am using spotipy as well on my python project and get this error:
Couldn’t write token to cache at: .cache
Couldn’t read cache at: .cache
Any idea how to give access to it?

to work around, set the environment variable SPOTIPY_CLIENT_USERNAME