Unable to add another admin to a team when I am not the owner in Education Organization

Problem description:

My ex-colleague, an org admin, created their own team and added me to the team as an admin.
They have now left our organisation and I’m trying to add their replacement in but I don’t get drop downs allowing me to change their status from member (student) to admin.

Expected behavior:
*If I delete an admin from the organisation their students’ work and any teams they created should maintained and ownership defaults to the Org Owner

  • Org Owner should be able to transfer ownership of teams from one admin to another
  • Org Owner should be able to add in an additional admin without the use of the team owner

Actual behavior:
Unknown - I’m afraid to try!

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

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I think you have to use a different kind of invite for EDU teams to invite someone as a non-student.

How do I enable the admin tools within CLI? The link provided does not work…

Going into the CLI Teams manually only allows the following options, none of which enable editing of team members

My apologies @mrsclarke . It looks like this was a legacy feature I was testing with and we no longer offer it due to some issues. I’ll go ahead and delete the recommendation.

I’m not sure there is a way to do what you are looking for at this time. It may be a feature enhancement request.

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