Unable to abort/cancel bounty (bounty-hunter side)

Problem description:
I am working on a bounty, yet doesn’t have the tools for the project. When I attempt to abort the bounty, an email is expected to appear. However, I cannot find it in any folders: spam, trash, any labels, or anywhere else. I am using Gmail.

Expected behavior:
The email that confirms to abort a bounty appears in my mail, for me to confirm the abortion.

Actual behavior:
The email doesn’t appear. I cannot find it anywhere in my mail.

Steps to reproduce:
Abort a bounty with an Gmail email

Bug appears at this link:
No link

Latest Chrome, Lenovo Windows 11

how about trying to press the in app UI for abandoning bounties? It’s red and says “Abandon Bounty”


That is what I tried. It claimed I would get an email about it afterward. I never got it.

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You can reach out to support to remove you from a bounty at https://replit.com/support, or by opening the Help button in the sidebar.

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