`TypeError: Failed to fetch` at `devtools.js:56`

Problem description:

When running the HTML-CSS-JS repl, an error occurs to the devtools. The consequences of this error are yet to be exposed.

Expected behavior:

The devtools should either run without error, or provide a more informative error message.

Actual behavior:

TypeError: Failed to fetch https://dscript--lgasc.repl.co/__replco/static/devtools/devtools.js:56

Steps to reproduce:

Setting up for the bug:


Witnessing the bug:

Run the repl and look at the console.

Bug appears at this link:

About the reporter:





Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):


Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:

Unknown (didn’t check)

Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan):


Hey, @LGASC !

Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code:

Working backwards from their error message:

The site for their Repl is hosted at https://dscript--lgasc.repl.co, which means we can find the Repl like so: https://dscript--lgasc.repl.co/__repl

Was this ever resolved? I have a student with the same error …

Hey @mprogers!

Can you please send me a link to the Repl that your student is having issues with so I can take a look?