Type mismatch error shows when the code is running properly

Problem description

Argument of type "list[int]" cannot be assigned to parameter "__value" of type "int" in function "__setitem__"
  "list[int]" is incompatible with "int"

Expected behavior

It expected to be running without the debug reminder since it works properly, because sometimes it leads misunderstanding

Actual behavior

It should runs without debug reminder

Steps to reproduce

May be it is a typo error or need complier to be refacted





Device if mobile



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#This is the original Code, and the line after "Corrected assignment for key 'c' as a list" all shows red line under the text with debug notice
dict = {
  "a" : 1,
  "b" : 2,
  "c" : 3,

# Corrected assignment for key 'c' as a list
dict['c'] = [1, 2, 3]
dict[1] = 4

Could you try calling the object something other than dict? Even if that doesn’t fix your issue, it’s better practice. (dict is a builtin, and you’re overwriting it)


Hello, you should indeed rename your dictionary to a name other than dict. This alone is not the issue though.

When you first created the variable, you used only str keys and only int values. So, the typechecker assumed that would always be the case (assumed the type of your variable). Typechecking is mostly for code quality and does not affect running the program at all.

To disable typechecking in your repl, open pyproject.toml and insert this underneath the [tool.pyright] section:

typeCheckingMode = "off"

(changes take a few seconds to apply)
Note that other warnings such as syntax warnings will still appear.

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