Twitch Python script idea help

Hey, so i need some help, Ive had this idea where while I stream, and have spotify open, anythime the song changes, it will send a message in my twitch chat saying what song I’m on. The problem is I dont know where to start with python. Ive messed with the Twitch API before and I got lost and confused so im asking for help.

Hey, @ChessToast!

I’d be happy to help, but if you really want someone to do it for you, I would recommend Bounties. If you submit a bounty there, I’d be happy to apply, along with many others.

What exactly are you having issues with in your program?

Hmm, maybe you could make the script switch to your spotify window for a split second, screenshot the song name, OCR it to get the text, then send it using the twitch api. There may be a more efficient way but it’s an idea

Why do you guys say that? Nowhere did they say that. They just got lost and want a sort of guide I presume.

But yeah @ChessToast, just give it a shot again and tell us where you get stuck at. That way we’re not both blind

I have a previous script with just the twitch api, let me change things to secret vars and ill share it


The original purpose of this was to count how many message were sent, I didn’t get it done but the full purpose was for every 30 minutes it would count how many messages was sent, and then send how many messages wasn’t, by counting how many lines were in a text file, very rudimentary

More like guidance, Its just a concept and dont even know if its possible :person_shrugging:


It should be possible. First, I would setup the Spotify, and see if you can get what you are currently playing.


Update: Spotify API is in JS so I have to use Spotipy. Because this project is compleatly new (and I’m still learning myself), I need things I don’t know how to get. I night actually make a bounty but I dont think $15 is enough :skull:

It definitely is for a low-scale project.

I made a bounty, I caved in


So, you want a chatbot that will use the Spotify API to track your listening. Upon playing a new song, you want the chatbot to send the track to your chat?

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Just applied (it will show up soon, once they approve it)! Hope I can work with you!

Once they approve it? Still don’t see yours.

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Sounds about right.

@ChessToast You could also add a component to your Twitch Studio/OBS stream that could display your currently playing song on the stream itself.


@ChessToast, the bounty has 13 applicants lol (and more to come).

Hope I can work with you!