Turn Off Help Completely?

Hello, is there a way to completely turn off the help while coding? I am learning coding with C on the web-browser and I turned off AI Help in the bottom left, but every time I open a parentheses it auto prints a closing parentheses. This is really inconvenient and slows me down considerably. I believe this is called a ghostwriter? Is there any way to disable this?

Hello @c1lynch10!

No, this is not called Ghostwriter, it is called Code Intelligence. You can turn this off by:

  1. Opening a new tab, typing User Settings, and opening it
  2. Scroll down until you get to Code Intelligence
  3. Turn off the slider

You can see whether code intelligence is on by looking at the icon beside the file’s name:

I hope this helps!


I have turned off Code Intelligence, but it still automatically prints the closing parentheses once you type the opening parentheses.

I don’t believe that can be disabled, there’s not a toggle for it. Perhaps make a Feature Requests?


Actually, isn’t this a really helpful tool? Quotes and brackets automatically close, along with things like HTML tags. In what way is it inconvenient?


It is up to preference and especially experience, and there is preference for virtually anything you can think of.

In a few situations, the automatic quotes or brackets can screw someone up.
These are the examples I can think of:
Especially when editing strings, I often have to fight with the auto-complete. (I don’t have a specific example but it happens quite commonly).
If a semicolon must be used at the end of a line, then bracket autocomplete often saves no typing, possibly even being confusing for some.
Often, removing brackets is a hassle when the autocomplete removes a bracket wrongly.
Indentation would be a part of this, and I know replit gets it wrong sometimes in python.


Personally, since I am learning C I want to receive no help at all from the IDE. I could use something else besides replit but I really like replit. I also find it inconvenient to use the arrow keys or mouse while coding to get past it. I know I can just type the closing pair when I want to close it and it won’t print another, it will just go to the right side of the one the IDE auto-completed, but looking at the closing pair while my cursor is to the left of it messes up my groove xD

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Turn off AI Code completion

They already did that, that’s not what this help request was for: