Trying to create a Debian workspace for the EdX Try It: Linux Command Line

Hi all

See: Course | edX

for the instructions I am supposed to be following.

Except when I click on the CreateReplit button I don’t get an option for Debian…, lots of other stuff but not Debian, and nothing Linux either.

I’ve previously done Python on Replit, could this be causing an issue?



Could you post the relevant snippet here so people don’t have to register to that site to see the content of the page?


That’s not how Replit works: The repl templates offer you programming languages, not the choice between operating systems. A repl - as far as I know - is always Linux-based. You could use a Blank Repl and then get an Ubuntu image (try cat /etc/os-release in the shell to see details). That’s not Debian, but Ubuntu is based on Debian, so it might suffice.