Tripled price with Deployments?

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):

I have a Hacker Plan, which is about 7 $ per month, and it will expire on 1 March. It kept my repl on and private ( and it was 2 vCPUs).

Now, with new deployments, for bots I have to use the Reserved VM type, which is about 40 cycles/day, 1200 cycles/month (12$/month). It only keeps the deployment (not private, only 0.5 vCPU). This means that I have to also pay 5$ per month to keep the repl private?

It’s 17+$/month ?? even up to 30$/month if 1 vCPU ???

How to proceed in such situation?
What will happen to my old account?
How to keep the 7$ monthly pay?
How to get a refund for my yearly paid plan?

It is for the Core plan and with what Replit has said that price will eventually go up from the old Hacker plan.

I don’t know if it will happen, but you could try contacting or going to your Replit homepage and clicking on the question mark (?) and click the “billing” issue.


But can we keep a repl private while it’s deployed?
Or to delete it so I don’t have to pay 5$ to keep it private while deployed.

As far as I know, the deployment creates a copy of your repl and runs that copy, and that further changes to your repl will not affect the deployment unless you re-deploy. Therefore, you can expand your repl and then delete its contents. This way the repl will be deployed, but no one will be able to see its contents. But before that, you need to make sure that you have a backup copy of the project on your local device.

Here’s what the Replit documentation says:

Deployments are a way to release a snapshot of your Repl, ensuring that changes made within the editor don’t disrupt the production build.

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