Tool icons don’t work

Every tool in every extensions I’ve downloaded, the icons don’t appear in the tools pane. I’ve tried to use an icon myself, but they don’t appear.

Safari/IpadOS 16.1/IPad (8th Generation)

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@Bedrockminer can you provide a link to your Repl and a picture of what you see on your side?


Every extensions uses only the default icon

@Bedrockminer thats how it has been for a little while. It appears for me as well. I don’t think its a bug.

Well then I wonder why Replit has added an “icon” setting in extension tools.

@Bedrockminer are you still experiencing this issue?

Can you confirm that the domain ** is allowed on your network?

@IroncladDev it still shows the puzzle piece. is allowed.

Can you open the browser devtools and check the Network tab for any failed requests?

I’m on mobile, so I can’t right now.

I have the same issue, and is allowed for me.
I’m pretty sure this is a bug. Can the Replit Staff fix this?

What browser/OS/device are you using?