Too many root categories?

Currently, we have 12 public root categories. Thats a lot and I think its too many. I think we should try and condense it to a lower number. For example I think we should have one category for help where we have subcategories for languages and one for Replit help. We combine #bug-reports and #feature-requests into one category called platform-feedback. That already gets rid of 2 categories. We should probably do some other stuff but I cant think of anything.


I’d like you idea, but with #platform-feedback we should have these tags :

  1. Bug-reports
  2. Pain-points
  3. Feature-requests

The tags should maintain the color they have now.

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I don’t think tags can have colors but a theme component could probably do that. And why do you prefer tags over sub categories


Oops, I meant sub cats, like the ones on #code-help!


I’m tagging @bardia here as moving #bug-reports and #feature-requests might break any links with internal systems. I’m happy to look at trimming down the other 10 though!


And with the genral help category with all the subcategories? There shouldn’t be any internal links with those?

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I don’t think so as it existed long before the other categories. I’ll post a suggested layout in #vip-lounge for discussion

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Why not here in #general? I dont see any reason why the whole community cant give input?

We are currently discussing this internally and will be providing an update here when we are done for feedback from all of you!

We have finished discussing this internally. This is what we have decided. If you have any objections/suggestings or anything please tell us before we make these changes.

  - Updates
  - Intros
  - Guide drafts
(not sure about this part we did not come to a condenses)
- Help
  - Replit help
  - All the code help categories
  - 100 days of code
- Teams for EDU
  - (only change is renaming the category)
- General
  - AMAs
  - Showcase
  - Colaborations
- Archive

I belive that’s everything we have discussed. Please share you feedback on this

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I think having more categories is great! I also believe more tags is needed and would be great.

More root categories or root and sub?

We some what recently improved the way tags are structured so things like #node cant be used in #general. But we are still open to suggestions.

If there are no other objections I think we can make these changes.


I do not really like this structure. Tags should be open to all topics as sometimes the topics (while not in the cat that joins the tag) are about the tag, this has happened to me before, where the cat is correct but the tags are not available for that topic.

Edit: (By the way: all tags should be allowed in #general, #bug-reports, #feature-requests. And #help should have almost every tag.


Can you make a new topic about this so we can work on it with all the problems you see/faced and suggestions?

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I don’t think there are too many categories, we can just archive stale categories after a while.

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Can I ask why? Since almost if not everybody else agrees that we have too many.

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I think because search and the sidebar are easy enough to find whatever you want. And subcategories are messy and aren’t that user-friendly imo.

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This isent about making this easer to find since they are already easy to. Its more about needing to scroll a lot to get to some cats with is annoying. And why do you think sub cats arent user friendly?

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The category structure has been re-done


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