Toggle developer tools button is not working

I’m working on a Js file using windows os and the console tab doesn’t open anytime I click on the wrench icon button to access developer tools, please how can I fix this?

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Check that you don’t have a script loaded that overwrites a variable called parent, I recall that being an issue a while back.


You mean on Replit right? No I don’t have such script loaded.

Hi @Izuobinna thanks for your message.

Can you please provide more information? Which browser are you using to try and access the developer tools?

I forked your Repl on Chrome and saw this when I clicked on the wrench icon

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I am using google chrome on my laptop running on windows 8.1. when I click on the wrench icon, I don’t see the console environment on the bottom part of the Webview tab as is showing on your screen. Funny enough the wrench icon button works on my mobile app but seems not to work on my laptop. please how can I fix it?

What version of Google Chrome are you using? (Eruda might be broken for some reason if you’re not using a recent version of Chrome)

I’m using Version 109.0.5414.129

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Hey @Izuobinna!

Can you open up your browser’s developer console, try to toggle developer tools in Replit with the wrench, then see if there are any errors in your browser’s console? If there are, can you send me a screenshot so I can take a look?

hi @ShaneAtReplit!
I did as you asked and this is the screenshot of the outcome

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Thanks! Would you mind trying to load the devtools using another browser? I’m not sure what the issue is and using another browser will help us narrow down the issue.

Also, do you have any extensions installed on Chrome?

Yeah, I’ve been using “firefox for developers” browser since it couldn’t work on chrome and it’s working just fine. Also I have some extensions installed on chrome

You seem to have Tampermonkey turned on. Some of the extensions inside may be causing the issue. You can try turning them off one by one and see which one(s) is causing the issue.

My literal hero, thank you so much