Tkinter text field not displaying in Day 66 of 100 days (Python)

Problem description

When I run the provided sample code, the text field isn’t shown.

Expected behavior

Text field should be in the TK window, as shown in the tutorial example.

Actual behavior

TK window appears the same as the prior example, which doesn’t include the text field.

Steps to reproduce

Use the code, exactly as provided in the tutorial.

NOTE: I also tried with another bit of sample code from eslewhere, with the same result. Both are included in the screenshot.


Chrome (Slimjet)


Windows 10

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

It just needs () after text.pack.

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Thanks! That’s the second example given in the 100 days that doesn’t work without alteration.

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Thanks for reporting @SirGeremiah. I flagged this one with the team for the update.
Just to make sure it’s in their backlog, what’s the other example?

This should be fixed now. We updated the instructions with the aforementioned adjustment:

I forked and confirmed.

Thanks again for reporting.