This is my introduction

My Introduction

Hi, I’m @imcute-aaaa!
I found Replit while I was using Snap !(as well as @prisems and @joecooldoo )

Etymology of the name

imcute is from my username,which I randomly thought of(are you allowed to put offsite links?pls tell me instead of ban me,the mods in the Snap ! community are much stricter and unreasonabler,according to my classmate,who doesn’t have a replit account yet,@d4s_over_dt4(we can see his hobby of math from the username))
aaaa is from my minecraft username,which I set because I was quite frustrated on something I think?(you wont find that name on or something)
so I put them together.this is my name in many websites that I made an account in in or after 2022(because both of the names appeared in or before 2022)

My hobbies include:

  • Coding
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology(the micro part,i dont like naming stuff like homo sapiens or something)
  • Humming to myself
  • Philosophy
  • CS

What I don’t like

  • People who cannot understand what I want to express
  • People who are “very into ethics”(i.e yelling “Unethical!!!” everywhere)
  • Art,and people whose only hobby/talent is art

My favourite programming languages are:

  • Python(full stack)
  • JavaScript(full stack)
  • C/C++(no graphics)
  • Java(too bad I can’t compile java on my computer,so im just “professed love of what one really fears”(what my translator gives out for"叶公好龙",which I don’t think is accurate,yes im chinese,pls dont be racist)
  • PHP(removed after I learnt python flask)

How is 叶公好龙 ‘profeesed love of what one really fears’? It’s more like ‘leaf grandfather (had to use 公公 here) good dragon’.
What translator are you using XD?

WAT?ig thats direct translate?
original idiom story:叶公子高好龙,钩以写龙,凿以写龙,屋室雕文以写龙。于是天龙闻而下之,窥头于牖,施尾于堂。 叶公见之,弃而还走,失其魂魄,五色无主。是叶公非好龙也,好夫似龙而非龙者也。
Translate:(did not bother to search for the modern chinese version,so I probably misunderstanded it)
Mister Ye loves dragons:he uses hooks to draw dragons;he uses chisels to draw dragons,and he draws them in his house.The sky dragon(?) heard that and went into his house,its head in the ___(dk what this means) and its tail in the lobby(?).He saw it and ran away,being very afraid.Mister Ye does not really like dragons,instead,he likes something like dragons,but not dragons.(?)


I did not understand the Chinses version nor your English version (sorry!).
I tried translating it myself but failed. Miserably.

youre welcome :slight_smile:

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Now I do! :smiley:
I’m not THAT mathy,and my coding skills are worse than yours,so I will have lots of dumb questions.

why is this flagged

Well,IDK what you are saying because your post got instantly flagged.

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this is what i posted,it got flagged :frowning:


JavaScript is a frontend language so you can’t have full stack in those brackets

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Your questions can be answered by our very helpful community! Welcome to the forums!


There is Node.js for server


Oh. I thought you were talking about JavaScript itself. Not also the other versions.
Well, sorry for the confusion.


Hey @d4s-over-dt4 welcome to the forums!

The forums are a friendly and welcoming place to be! There are many great members that are more than wiling to help out. Quick question do you like to do any specific languages? I like to do HTML, CSS, Python, a little C++.

Happy coding and welcome again,


Javascript,and javascript only.I want to learn more languages from @imcute-aaaa bc he is really gud at them

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