There's still hope - How to deploy HTML Repl to GitHub Pages

After no answer on my topic, I looked into how to deploy an HTML, CSS, and JS Repl to GitHub Pages since Replit will be forcing Deployments soon (all of which are mostly paid) to host websites. Luckily I figured it out myself, and here’s a tutorial.

  1. Create your HTML Repl
  2. Create a GitHub Repository and call it
  3. In your Repl, find the Git tool and make sure the commit first changes box is checked and press the blue button.
  4. Authenticate with GitHub and allow it access to your repo you made earlier.
  5. Initially when you made your Repository, you should have seen a screen with HTTP and SSH commands. Copy the HTTP one.
  6. Press the settings little gear icon in the Git tab of your Repl and paste the URL at the top (under where it says Remote) and press save.
  7. In your Github repository, press Settings and find Pages under Code and Automation
  8. Under the branch dropdown, make sure main is checked and then the (root) folder is and press Save.
  9. Add some stuff to your Repl
  10. Write a summary and press Commit changes (or something like it)
  11. It will then say you need to push them. Press that button, or “Sync with remote”.
  12. It will take a bit for it to update, but eventually your page will be live on the URL that you named your Repl.

I did hear that Static pages on Replit will eventually be free (and no payment method required), but if they don’t, then you can use this for the time-being (with the “time-being” being the time after January that they don’t add that).

Reply if I missed something (chances are that I did; this is mostly all from memory)


@boston2029 Yes, this is what I used to do to link domains to my static websites. It is also correct that static deployments will become free.


This is better too because GitHub Pages has the equivalent egress of a Pro account, for free!

You can also use CloudFlare pages with your GitHub repo for unlimited egress.


It was confirmed by a staff member.


Well, they still haven’t added it yet I don’t think, so this still works as a Deployments alternative


Well still works, so…

Yeah, but still. If someone wants more egress then they can use this


GitHub pages are very good, but there is a disadvantage to this (about Replit enforcing Deployments).

Although many of us could refrain from creating websites, we still need servers for our programs to function. An HTML GitHub can be deployed to Pages, but it will not help the server issue.

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I am aware. This is only for static pages. It’s not meant to completely eliminate having to pay to host any application.