There a telegram group cardin replit pro and cycles are we stupid to pay for it guys

People in this telegram group Telegram: Join Group Chat are carding replit cycles and pro and replit team is not taking any action, so why people like us shuould pay for it, dear replit support please take action soon. (this all carding is happening thorugh their stripe gateway as per my research)


Hello there, @wijes31044!!

Replit Support Engineer here, what do you mean exactly by “carding”?

so they have devloped somethingh called as autocheckout see this website and they are using stripe bugs bin (or u can say stolen credit cards ) to do their payment this is update link of group join it and see yourself. they spamming credit cards on a stirpe checkoutlinks in direct words. Please take action on this group Telegram: Join Group Chat

We can’t take action on the group unless we have the links to their Replit accounts, and unless they make a direct violation to our Terms of Service.

stll there are 5000 members on that group no one can get their replit link , rest is up to u

What do you mean by “nobody can get their replit link”?

i mean you can’t know that what these carders account name are in replit, you should at least contact stripe for more detail on this or just look into that group once Telegram: Join Group Chat

i get it you can’t know the links of those replit users but you can stop this from happening in future?

Like I stated earlier, we can’t take action against these users since they are not making any direct violations to our Terms of Service.

  1. The autocheckouter tool they are using is not hosted on Replit
  2. There is no proof that your claims are true
  3. We can’t block off payments since that will block off payments from all users
  4. Unless we know what cards are being used, there’s no way to detect and block off the payment requests.

I’m not going to be joining the Telegram group.

sure then everyone else will and they will card also alright bye