The run button always says working

Problem description:

When I press the run button, the button becomes “working” and stays that way. It doesn’t start my project. I can only run it by typing “node index.js” using a shell. How can I solve this problem

Opera, Windows 10, Free Plan


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In addition


I am experiencing the same problem for 2 days. Run button is stuck after I press and no errors returned. I am running NodeJS.

Somehow I manage to run, after some time I get same issue. Stop start does not work.

Hey @umerdumgiriz!

It seems that Replit is blocked. Maybe you might want to check your firewall?

This problem bothers me a lot too. It worked normally, but couple days ago it started to load the wheel infinitely. I’m angry af!

Hi @crlsmsc @umerdumgiriz @GokhanBesler1 !
Could you guys try entering kill 1 into the Shell to refresh the environment and see if that works?


I have a similar issue since yesterday, almost every run I have to “kill 1” and re run otherwise it’s stuck in Working status.

Why does ‘kill 1’ work? Just curious.

kill 1 forces a hard restart of the Repl, which clears a lot of issues that can occur.

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It works but after 1 successful run it happens again.

I continue to have this issue, it’s been happening for the last 2 weeks. The kill 1 command is at least a step forward as I no longer have to clear my browser cache but still annoying.