The output is not working

I tried with new browser also. Same issue

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after run ,no output

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ok so it’s running, that’s a start I guess… interesting it’s probably that you have some internet issues or similar

no full day today same issue

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i am able to get turtle output

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hmmm ok I see thanks, cc: @ShaneAtReplit

TL;DR of situation is that basically the user can run code, but no console output happens. ser suspects it’s not internet because they are able to run python turtle (so things like VNC iirc (swing, etc) work).

Turtle running

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print() not getting output

My student from US able to run, but i am from india, not able to run

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I see, can you try going to and changing server location to wherever you are? (if India, change it to that, and if America change it to that)

No change

from North America i changed to Asia


I have the same issue my every projects(all of them are node.js) are not outputting anything and the shell tab says Loading but it never loads

Is it just me, or is that Windows 2000?

yes not working, console no output

Hello all!

Is this issue still happening for you? I tried a few Repls linked in the thread but all work fine for me. If you’re still having issues, can you please share the link to the Repl and your Browser+OS info so I can enumerate through each report?


The shell and console are not working…

here is the link to my repl:

i am using google chrome browser on a mac OS…

Такая же беда, длого ли это продлиться?

Win 7, яндекс браузер …не работает вообще

When you go to, do you see a spinning cube?

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@surajeva If you go to the link I posted directly above, do you see a spinning cube?

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