The introduction of a coding masochist

I’m CSharpIsGud on replit ask and on, it’s an ironic name considering I don’t even use C# anymore but I figured I shouldn’t change it on account of having a tiny impact on replit history.
I’m also a masochist that makes complicated projects for the dopamine rush of success.

Sometimes I solve coding problems here like puzzles.
Otherwise I might post in #general:showcase when I finish a project.

My projects take a lot of effort and suffering to complete but compared to games and websites that can be churned out every couple days to get on the top of community, my repls barely get a single heart, on top of the fact that some of my projects might not apply to any of the top tags.

  • My only repl visible from the front page of community is BFScript under #cpp, which I’m currently rewriting in rust because it has impossible to fix bugs (which also means it won’t fit a top tag anymore).

Welcome to open source development (it makes up for not making a dime). Also, welcome to the community!
As for the churned out projects, I can confirm that Trending is broken. As someone who has churned out a hastily made project that has over 2.4K runs, good tagwork can easily get you on front page.


Welcome to the forums!