The future of Replit Core - Reserved VMs

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you to those who left constructive feedback on the “changes to hosting” thread.

I’d like to share some thoughts about where the Core membership is headed.

Currently, Replit Core comes with allotments for Static and Autoscale Deployments. We’ve heard from some Core members that they want an option that allows them to host bots (Discord, Telegram, Slack, etc.).

With these bots, you typically want to use a reserved VM which is better suited for 24/7 stateful applications. And since Reserved VMs are not included in the Core membership, these users have to pay an additional $6.20/mo for what Always On previously supported (the cost of our base tier VM).

To address this, we are planning to introduce a new benefit to the Replit Core in the next month called “flexible spend”.

They are credits (based in USD) that you can use on any of our cloud services (autoscale, static, egress, storage, etc.). The monthly flexible spend will be enough to cover the cost of a base tier Reserved VM for an entire month. This update should give Core members more flexibility when it comes to the value they get out of Replit.

This means that if you want to host a bot on Replit, you will be able to do that with Replit Core.

You can expect to see this change in the next month.

I don’t want to pay extra for a Reserved VM because I used to be able to host my app on Always On

We understand your frustration here. For people who were previously on Hacker or Pro and using Always On to host a bot, please fill out this form and we’ll grant you enough credits to pay for a Reserved VM until we implement the Core changes. (Please give us a few days to process the requests after applying).


finally something useful for bot hosting , core users appreciate this :+1:


@soren Really happy with this change! Definitely increases the incentive for Replit Core! Will these basically replace Cycles in numerous ways?


Cycles will still exist for some things, like Bounties.
Cloud services will be primarily credit card based.


Understood. How much value will this allocated credits have? How many will we be granted?


So for people like myself who did bounties to pay for things like AI, boosts, etc before I got free plans from mod they have no use to me anymore?


Still TBD! I share this so you all can get insight into how we are thinking. This isn’t an “official” announcement. We’ll have a blog post explaining this in detail at a later date.


You can still:

  1. cash out your cycles
  2. use your cycles towards replit core (which will soon come bundled with all of our features)
  1. Dont have enought cycles. Still about $100 away and due to the lower number of bounties being posted I cant do as many.
  2. I already get free core from mod so I cant do that. I know being mod only affects ~10 people but what about people that many only need autoscale, or egress and dont need all the others stuff Core gives?

what about people that many only need autoscale

You can purchase autoscale, static, and reserved VMs without a plan. It has been that way since the start.

I already get free core from mod so I cant do that

Let’s not use this thread to talk about your unique case. We can work something out. Feel free to DM me on Slack/Discord.


what is the point of cycles then?

i dont think there is any replit rly fell off a cliff they should consider a balance between profit and user experience


This was answered in the posts above

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So something that should have obviously been there in the first place is now going to be included because customers have been complaining? What a surprise.
I bought the Hacker plan for a Discord bot to have Always On and have been moved to the Core plan which doesn’t have this, so my bot is now up and down even though I’ve paid for it to always be up.
This shows utter contempt for your userbase.


I definitely won’t be re-subscribing. They don’t care about customers - just how much money they can scam and con people out of.


What do you recommend users who can’t afford $20 per month for Core + just want private repls to do? Should we find an alternative to Replit and use that?


Make an alt? :woman_shrugging:


Some people need single things that they pay for with cycles that they work for with bounties, they don’t want to have all that other stuff in a plan.


This sounds like a great improvement! Thanks for the update.