"The connection was reset" error

Problem description:
I am a teacher using replit with high school students. I have used replit for the last two years and only recently students started to frequently get errors for entire days or weeks on certain Javascript/HTML/CSS files that state “The connection was reset.” Other students still have working replits and often, the broken replits will work again in a few days.

Expected behavior:
The programs run and display anything.

Actual behavior:
“The connection was reset”

Steps to reproduce:
Try running any of these links:


Been facing the same issue on my repl today. My other repls work fine.

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I forked the first two Repls and they both worked for me. Hopefully the issue is resolved for everyone now.

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it was happening for me too (for about 2 days before doing this) for one of my old repls and forking + deleting the old repl and renaming fixed it (because I got a different dev link), it was just that one dev link that was broken

so it makes sense that it would work after forking, it’s just annoying that I had to fork and delete my repl (and then I unzipped and had to modify every single file since for some reason replit doesn’t recognize unzipped files when you use the unzip command)

another random thing I gave it to a person and they said that the dev link worked for them but it didn’t work for me even though it was the exact same link


also it seemed to give me that error randomly in the day, and a few times it actually worked (I use nextdns at all times, please keep this mind)

btw I checked nextdns logs to make sure that the site wasn’t getting blocked but what I saw was that visiting the site didn’t even go in logs so that was strange but I don’t think that was related, I changed my dns servers to just to make sure it wasn’t a problem with nextdns (other .dev links worked completely fine) but that didn’t even help the problem

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Thanks for the details @doxr. Yes, it seems everyone had some similar strangeness. We haven’t been able to quite pinpoint it all so I’ve just been trying to help on a case-by-case basis. I’m glad forking it helped in your scenario.

Try the solution here:

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This “solution” didn’t work for me: my Uni has blocked the settings that was suggested would work (for the Edge and Chrome solutions, didn’t try Firefox).

The solution that worked for me was by using a VPN, more specifically UltraSurf (Chrome Extension) which uses HTTP proxy servers to bypass firewalls.