The "Chat" function in Replit won't work?

Question: what is the purpose of the “Chat” option that is under “Tools” in the Replit app? I open that window and say stuff, but there is no response. Nothing happens.

The AI Assistant, the one that you can talk to while writing code, it told me that the “Chat” function was another AI Assistant that specialized in coding and technical questions. But it doesn’t appear to do that, because it is just a big, blank wall of nothingness.

What am I missing here?
Thank you to anyone who can fill me in or help out.

Welcome back @zhuk0v1991!

The “Chat” feature in Replit is to chat with other Replit users who are invited to the Repl.

The AI assistant is in a different tool, I believe it is just called “AI”.


Ha, yeah, I just found that out because the AI Assistant said “Sorry, I was mistaken, the Chat function is not an AI Assistant” and then it explained what it really is.

I was just a victim of AI hallucinations.

I appreciate your help, though.

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