Texttoolspy (My First Ever Module)

Introducing my first ever PyPi module… texttoolspy!!!

This project allows you to create responsive menus with python that, when ran in the terminal, can allow the user to use arrow keys to navigate through a menu, and select which item they want!

You can easily type out text using the type() and typeColored() function!

Want to learn how to use it? Check out the Github Wiki on it!


If we did from texttoolspy import type and used it in our code as type('Hello, World!'), wouldn’t it overwrite the Python type() function?
Soo will it print Hello, World!, or <class 'str'>?

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  1. Yeah it’ll overwrite it, meaning that it’ll print Hello, World!
  2. The default doesn’t print anything anyway

you should just do import texttoolspy (or import texttoolspy as tt for convenience) and use tt.type. IDK if this is a PEP spec, but it seems like common practice to me.

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tbh I usually import a few functions at a time, not the whole class/file. (Unless I think I’ll use the whole thing)


I guess you’ll have to from texttoolspy import type as typewriter

I didn’t know type() was a built-in function. You can always use typeColored() instead.

I will create a Github issue for this while I work to rename the function

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Okay. This issue has been resolved. Now use typewriter() and typewriterColored() instead of the previous function.