Testing using inputs and outputs

Dear all

I am struggling to get my head around the Inut/Output testing features of repl.it Teams.

I have written a program in python that prints “hello world”

I have then set up the I/O test to see if “hello world” is output and the test seems to fail. When checking the results of the test the program doesn’t seem to output anything at all.

Please would you be able to steer me in the right direction.

Many thanks

Screenshots attached.

I know I am not a teacher ( am sick right now with a very high fever while replying )
I think you need to press the match button?
I’m pretty sure how this works ( From the screenshot )

  • Fill in the expected output
  • Press the match button
  • the output from the code should come out in the actual output
  • Then it shows you the difference

Something like

expected output:
yes please
actual output: y

difference: yes please y

something like that.

This is a known a bug with the newer Python template, you can revert to the older template by following this:

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Thanks for your kind responses.

I have copied the files from a working test program in to the new program as described and the test now seems to pass.

Many thanks


Hello there @dwoodcs !

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Hey all! We are aware of this issue and are tracking it here: Help with a simple test - #42 by ShaneAtReplit

Please keep an eye on that thread for updates

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