Teledawn JS module

My new project.

Post by John Ammons

I am working on a new project named teledawn.
Teledawn allows you to use a JS (with HTML as the main) command in JS (By itself).

My friend, Jackson Edwards asked me if Teledawn is capable of running
The answer is yes!

This chart will show what can open on.

JS and HTML (as the main) JS and HTML
yes no

Teledawn will also come packed with a JSON file to record errors.

Also Teledawn is NOT a programming language. It is a module for Javascript.

I hope you have as much fun as we had making this!
If you don’t, something is wrong with you and you are different and strange. All your friends think Teledawn is great.

For support visit my Replit account

Toodles! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

  • John Ammons (Pikachu)

Hi @Pikachu !
May I ask what this module does? What are the functions?

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Hello @NateDhaliwal, The module has no additional functions.

The Teledawn project is made because:
If you got to replit and make a Repl based off JS (like Node.js) then for some reason you cannot use and some other commands.

To use your Repl must be based off HTML, CSS, and JS.

If you do not understand, feel free to ask more questions!

-John Ammons


That is because the window object is a feature of your browser, it doesn’t exist in a NodeJS environment since there isn’t a window (by default).


@MattDESTROYER Thanks for reminding me!


Post by John Ammons.

Hello, brilliant coders! I have a news update for you!

Teledawn will be released in Replit as a template in early 2024!
If you do not know what Teledawn is, then check out this post!

But I have a poll for you all!

Should Teledawn have a website (With everything about Teledawn) or
Should Teledawn have a news feed on Replit Ask.

You decide!

  • Should Teledawn have a news feed on Replit Ask?
  • Should Teledawn have a website? (With everything about Teledawn)
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Happy coding!


oh I just merged the post and it removed all the votes :l

well website was winning 4-1

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Teledawn update results!

Post by John Ammons.

Recently, I created a post where people vote on features for Teledawn.

Anyway, The winner of the Teledawn news poll was… (drum roll)… Teledawn news on Replit Ask!
Teledawn news on a website WAS winning 4 - 0 but then the post got merged and got 0 - 6.

I’ll keep you updated on Teledawn!

~psst, hey you, click here to learn about Teledawn

-John Ammons (Pikachu)

No? All the votes are for Teledawn having a website.


I believe most of us voted for a website as we don’t want to clutter/fill up Ask.
That was for me at least, not sure about others.


Oh. That wasn’t there before. :neutral_face: :expressionless: I will go to fix it. I am very sorry.