Teams page is hard to reach

I run a Teams for Education team, and I find it unwieldy to reach. When I go to, I have to click on teams → scroll down → click the team I’m looking for.

This is problematic for my students, as they can’t easily see the team page when they go to the site and so I usually send them deeplinks. This is problematic for me since I this is mainly what I use replit for, and it’s annoying having to navigate to it.

It would be great if your teams appeared on your homepage, and if you could pin a team to make it easily accessible.

(I put this as a feature request since I wasn’t sure where else to put it)


I don’t know about you, but I think 2 clicks isn’t “hard to reach.” That’s just me, though.


That team is the main reason I log into replit, so having my primary flow be buried is annoying. More importantly though, I’ve had feedback from participants that it’s hard to find, especially because the teams jargon isn’t meaningful to someone without replit experience.


Perhaps it could be a setting to change where the teams link is? So not everyone has to have it moved, but those who do use it frequently can have it easy to access? Just an idea.