Teams for EDU access for students?

I’m planning on hosting a coding club during the school year through an extracurricular class, but not as a teacher, admin, or faculty member (because I’m still a student). How would I leverage Teams for Edu if I’m not a teacher, faculty, or administrator at my school? I am technically an educator, as I have taught an online python class before, but would Teams for Edu be right for me?


here is a screenshot of the button that I’m afraid to press.


You teach your club, and imo, that makes you a teacher.

hmm, but I really don’t want my account to be deleted. Should I test on an alt? Should I ping ask a moderator?

It won’t be deleted, the team will just be disabled or wtver.


I still am scared to “Confirm that I am a teacher”, since I technically don’t have that official title yet.

If someone marks a resource as Teacher only, does that mean anyone who has helped someone else with their homework is a teacher?

I’m confused. What does this have to do with the current topic?

I’m talking about the “Teacher” role (whether or not you’re an official teacher)

Although I could be a teacher (of computer science, or of homework completion), I’m still not officially a teacher at the school or org, as I’m not legally hired as a teacher.

@python660 I have done it and am making another class. It’s fine as long as you are using it for educational purposes. Anyone who is teaching or helping other people learn is a teacher, even if you aren’t a hired teacher doesn’t mean you can’t be one.

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