Teacher Verification

Hi - I’m working a non-profit organization and started using Replit for teaching students. Now I’m in the thrid week of training and I see a message “Teacher Verification Required” and all my students are unable to view their course content. I upgraded my subscription and also sent multiple emails to the support. I have not received any response from Replit yet. Can anyone guide me how to resolve this issue? I have a class today and unfortunately I’m unable to use Replit that has all my course content. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Hey Raj, welcome to Ask.
In order to verify, you need to first go to the “Teams” tab. There should be a button that says “Click here to verify your status as an approved educator.” It should redirect you to a form that you need to fill out to get verified. Submit the form and you should get verified.

Thanks so much for your response. unfortunately, I don’t see the button.

try clicking on the organization.

Hi Otter - This is what I see when I click on the organization. Thanks for your response.

It appears that you might have already submitted a request.
As the pop-up says, you should probably check your email for anything.

Would you happen to know how long they will take to respond? Unfortunately, I may have to cancel the training session if this is not resolved. I also upgraded my account to Pro.

It says 1-2 business days. Tell me if they don’t respond.

Hi @RajkumarRengasw can you please check your Teams for Edu again and let me know if this issue is now resolved?

Yes, all good now. Thank you so much !!


Hi @IanAtCSTeach, I’m having the same issue as OP. How can I resolve this? I also have not received any email from Replit. Thank you!

Hi @TiffanySakaguch I don’t have the same level of access any more so cannot verify your account, however I’ve tagged @LenaAtReplit who may be able to help here.

You’re all set to teach @TiffanySakaguch