Swift REPLs cannot execute code

Problem description

I am unable to execute code as simple as print("test") when I create a Swift REPL.

Expected behavior

The REPL should print “test”.

Actual behavior

Execution is failing because the module ‘SwiftShims’ is missing.

<unknown>:0: error: PCH was compiled with module cache path '/home/runner/Swift/.cache/clang/ModuleCache/QS0TP6CXX1XV', but the path is currently '/home/runner/IcyGreedyArguments/.cache/clang/ModuleCache/QS0TP6CXX1XV'
<unknown>:0: error: missing required module 'SwiftShims'

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a Swift REPL
  2. Add any valid Swift code into the REPL and Run it
  3. See the missing module failure in the Console output





Device if mobile



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Please upload screenshots

I can’t reproduce this using this template: https://replit.com/@replit/Swift

The old REPL, IcyGreedyArguments, is still failing but when I try a new REPL it seems ok. Seems like you might (sometimes) have a cache issue when creating new REPLs.